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Order and Ride with Confidence. Our team is here for you along your journey.

1 Year Warranty

Batteries, motors, headlights. If it fails, we will help you replace it. Please don't try and fake defects. We've got engineers on staff who review every warranty case as part of our "continuous improvement" mission.

What's Not Covered

1) Brake Pads

2) Tubes and Tires

3) Kickstands 

4) Bikes with modified electronics

5) Bikes that you crashed

Beyond 1 Year

We've designed the Bandit to be as easy to repair as possible. By using majority standard parts + normal bicycle components, it is easy to work on by any bike shop. We are backed by our parent company Spark Cycleworks and have a full team in Branford, CT to help you.

Lifetime Support

No more dead end emails, unanswered voicemails, failed DM's. We have a team in Branford, CT that is here to help you. We build the bikes, so we know how to fix them! There's never any charges for support.