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Not Just Mopeds

Our small team is located in Branford, Connecticut. Besides the Bandit, we also offer a variety of other electric bikes. If you would like to see our main website, please visit

Key Team Members


Collin Griffeth

Brand Manager




Design Director


Tao Markovich

Lead Assembly

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Ryan Keckler

Media Director

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From the beginning, our team's top priority was to build a high speed electric moped. Our first version of the Bandit was a 500watt ebike that helped us establish our supply chain for components. We then developed the Scorpio prototype using the original frame, but with our custom electronics. Finally the production version of the Bandit moped was established and continues to be improved to this day.

Industrial Tools

Visit Us

Our headquarters in Branford, CT is open to the public Tuesday-Saturday from 10am-5pm. We open a portion of the facility up to the public and allow test rides!